The simplest approach to get rid of a refrigerator when it has to be replaced is to arrange for a collection with a nearby junk removal service. Professional refrigerator carry-away services are your best option for local eco-friendly refrigerator recycling because removing a fridge is difficult labour that one person cannot do. 


Barrie Junk Removal Pros is the best option for a safe and reasonably priced fridge removal service. We can handle all single refrigerator and large appliance disposal jobs in Barrie and surrounding areas. Your best option for dependable removal, disposal, and recycling is always close by!

How to Dispose of a Refrigerator?

Let our fridge disposal professionals handle it rather than struggling to load your old refrigerator into a truck. No fridge pick-up task is too little or too huge for our staff, whether it involves a single residential refrigerator or a dozen commercial chest freezers.

The best part is that we’ll handle all the hard work for you! Additionally, we’ll ensure your appliance is disposed of appropriately by recycling or donating it wherever possible.

Can the Refrigerator be Recycled?

Yes, the refrigerator can be recycled, but certain parts of a refrigerator must be retrieved and properly disposed of before the rest of the equipment may be recycled.


A chemical component known as a refrigerant is found in the compressor and evaporator coil. Toxic, ozone-depleting chlorofluorocarbon (found mostly in refrigerators produced prior to 1995) or hydrofluorocarbon, which emits greenhouse gases, are used as refrigerants. All refrigerant-containing components should be recovered and disposed of by a professional.

Do Refrigerators Contain Freon?

Freon may be present in older models, although it’s rare in most modern ones.


Freon and other hazardous greenhouse gases are likely present in refrigerators made before 1995, and if they are not properly disposed of, they will contaminate land and groundwater. HFC-134a, a refrigerant that has a substantially lower toxicity content than freon, is used in newer refrigerators. Despite the fact that steel, which makes up the majority of refrigerators, would never degrade in a landfill, this substance may not be as significant a pollutant as freon.

What Should I do to Prepare the Fridge for Pick up?

  1. Unplug the fridge
  2. Remove all the food from the refrigerator and freezer
  3. Let it defrost
  4. Take out shelves and storage compartments 
  5. Don’t try to move the refrigerator, and it may be very heavy

How to Dispose of Commercial Refrigerators?

Thus, there are three possibilities available to business owners. If the equipment is in good working condition, they may sell it, give it, or recycle it.


  1. Market them

Used (and new) business appliances are offered for sale by individual owners on websites like Kijiji and Facebook Marketplace for a range of rates. Additionally, look for regional auctions and sellers of used appliances in the yellow pages.


  1. Donate


Commercial refrigerators and freezers are accepted at The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center and can even be picked up for free. Additionally, Habitat for Humanity and a few regional charities accept commercial goods from restaurants, motels, and other locations.


  1. Recycle

Refrigerators older than ten years contain more than 120 pounds of recyclable steel in addition to other recyclable parts, including plastic, foam insulation, oil, and refrigerants. In order to recycle or properly dispose of such components, the EPA collaborates with businesses through its Responsible Appliance Disposal (RAD) program. On the website, there is a list of approved disposal services as well as instructions on how to recover refrigerant.

Can I Dispose of my Refrigerator for Free?

Check Facebook Marketplace or Kijiji, there are occasionally scrap metal collectors that may provide free fridge removal. Remember that you are always taking a chance when you opt to have a stranger come to your home and pick up anything. When interacting with strangers, you should always strive to meet in a public setting.


Several charities could pick up your old refrigerator for free or for a nominal fee if it’s still functional. Be cautious when arranging an at-home collection with a charity since they won’t pick it up if your old refrigerator isn’t suitable for donation, and you’ll be charged for them coming out to your house.


Barrie Junk Removal Pros cannot pick up your refrigerator for free. However, we will offer you a fully insured professional hauler who will dispose of it responsibly and at a reasonable cost. Our garbage removal charges are often lower than most other firms, making Barrie Junk Removal Pros the most reasonable alternative for getting rid of an old refrigerator.