If you’re replacing your carpet with tile or hardwood flooring, you might wonder what to do with your old carpet. It won’t just fit into a regular-sized garbage bag! Fortunately, our expert carpet removal specialists can remove your carpet easily and affordably.

Are you looking for an old carpet disposal near you?

Text us today for a free carpet removal quote! When your carpet is prepared for pickup, Barrie Junk Removal Pros will be there to assist you with its disposal. We provide are rug disposal or area run recycling at any residential or commercial spaces.

Can carpet be thrown in the dumpster?

You might be allowed to toss older carpet in the trash if you just have a little amount to get rid of. Calling a business to take it off your hands is preferable if you have huge volumes. To find out if your neighbourhood offers carpet removal pick up, check with the local government. If they don’t, you might have to take it yourself to the landfill or recycling facility.

How to dispose of an old carpet?

Step # 1: Remove the Carpet

Tools Required: heavy duty utility knife, pry bar, hammer, heavy duty staple remover, pliers, knee pads, gloves, eye protection, dust masks, heavy duty trash bags, screwdriver, shop vac and broom.

Step # 2: Clear the space and put the protective gear on.

First, take out all the furniture from the space. Wear safety gloves and knee pads to protect yourself throughout this work. If you are sensitive to dust particles, wear a face mask while you pull up the carpet.

Step # 3: Separate the carpet from the tack strip

Tack strips run around the edge of the room to keep the carpet in place.

To remove it:

Choose a corner, grip the carpet with pliers, and pull. If the carpet comes up easily, grip it with your hand and pull it up further.
If it won’t come out easily, cut a 6-inch square in the corner using a utility knife.
Remove the section, then manually pull up the carpet.

Step # 4: Cut the Carpet into Long Strips

Pull the carpet back and with a utility knife, cut the carpet along the fold. After removing each piece, roll it up and secured it with duct tape.
Use this method to cut up the whole carpet. keep removing the carpet.

Step # 5: Remove the Carpet Padding

Follow the same procedures for removing the carpet pad if there is one locate under the carpet. Given that padding often comes in smaller pieces and is made of a much lighter material, you may be able to roll many pieces at once.

If the floor is concrete, the pad will be glued down and large parts of the pad may stay clinging to the concrete. To remove the pieces, use a floor scraper with a sharp blade. The pad will be stapled down if the floor is constructed of particleboard or plywood. Scrape them all up using the floor scraper.

Is carpet considered recyclable?

Yes, almost all carpet types can be recycled. New carpet, industrial flooring, parking barriers, and plastic components for automobile interiors and engines may all be made from recycled carpet.

Plastics manufactured from complex hydrocarbons, which are derived from fossil fuels, are used to make carpet. Fossil fuels are scarce resources, making it all the more crucial to recycle carpet instead of burning up the earth’s finite amount of fuel to produce new materials.

Can I donate my old carpet?

Yes, you may give away gently used carpet. Old carpets and rugs are gratefully accepted by several charitable groups and animal shelters. Make sure the carpet doesn’t have a lot of dander or pollen before giving it because this might cause allergy responses in the new owners’ residence.

Can I sell my used carpet?

It’s worthwhile to sell your carpet if it’s in great shape. On websites,  such a Facebook and Kijiji you can list your carpet for a price you think works best. If your old carpet is clean and in good condition, you might be able to obtain some substantial cash for it.


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