We know that clearing out an estate can be emotionally and physically draining. Not only can it be a personal estate that requires removal. You could be a landlord and you need to remove the estate of an apartment in your building or a home. We specialize in estate removal and disposal services. This means that you can leave everything as is and we will do the job for you with the instructions provided if you require any additional services. We specialize in large junk removal and disposal so we assure you that the disposal of your junk will be recycled and disposed of correctly.

We remove the cleared out junk
It may be junk or it could be years of clutter that requires disposal. Not only do we do the clearing out of the estate but we will remove it for you too.  Our specialty is large junk removal and recycling, more than 60% of the junk we dispose of is recycled to promote a healthy and clean environment for the residents of Barrie Ontario. We will haul your furniture to the destination requested or have it disposed of, whichever is your preference. We make it easier for the estate clear out process, so that time isn’t wasted in the process by choosing our efficient cost-effective estate clear-out and removal services.

Estate clearout to estate sale
If you are planning to have an estate sale with all the belonging from the clear-out service, we can provide you with excellent clear out service and haul the belongings to the location of the sale. We have been in this industry being for years and we know the estate clear out process can be lengthy and time-consuming. So we created our services around why you would need, we anticipated that our customers will need to clear out and hauling services if the belongings aren’t being disposed of. Our team will collect and haul all the belongings over to your desired location. Our team will unpack and deliver the belongings safely and without any damage.

Estate clear out donation
If you wish to have the estate cleared out and donated to your charity of choice. We promise that our cost-effective services are just a convenient one-stop-shop for all your needs. Our team will clear out the estate and leave the place clean and leave no dirt behind. Our team will then haul the belongings to your desired charity and deliver off the belongings safely to the charity. We know that this process can be draining, that is why we do all the work from the moment you call us. We want to make this easier and stress-free for our customers ensuring them the job will be completed swiftly and with utmost quality.

Benefits of hiring us for the job
If you need to clear out an estate, we know there is a lot of work for the job. Packing and removing the belongings and removing them from the property. Whether your decision to dispose of, recycle, donate or even auction these belongings we can help you. We do all the heavy lifting, you don’t need to do one thing except focus on what matters the most to you. We will do all the packing and loading of the clear-out services. We will leave nothing behind and ensure that the belongings are either delivered safely or disposed of in the best way possible depending on the contents of the removal. Each job is taken seriously and our team aims to please all our customers and exceed their expectations.