Are you looking at getting rid of all that worthless junk laying around, you just don’t feel like doing it yourself? No problem let Barrie junk removal pros remove your junk for you. With our full junk removal service we do it all, all you need to do is call us and our team will be over at the scheduled date and remove your junk. It doesn’t matter where your junk is situated on your property our team will have to remove for you. Known for our efficient and attention to detail removal service we are now removing more junk from our customers’ homes than any other junk removal Company in the area.

Car removal
Perhaps a car has been out of service for some time and you finally gave up on trying to have it fixed. Is your yard filled with all broken cars and you are looking at renovating and changing your home. We do car removal services for you, without lifting a finger. We have all the equipment and trucks to safely and properly remove a car that has been requested to be removed. We will remove and dispose of the car safely while keeping an account for everything we remove from the property. Call us today to remove any car from your property.

While donating may be good for the soul, the process of hauling all of these things over to your charity of choice may be a mission for you. We listened and now we will do that for you. Our team donates the items you wish for us to remove from your property, whether it’s furniture, clothes, toys or even any old junk you were collecting in your home. Make donating easier this year by contacting us to remove and deliver all the goods to the charity of your choice.

Your free junk removal
Now and then we discover many things in our home or business that we no longer use, it’s either in such a bad condition or you aren’t looking to use it anymore. But in this case, you aren’t looking to make any money from it. If anyone wants it, it’s theirs, but without doing the actual work of delivering these free items. We threw in something extra to our junk removal services; we will remove this for you too, deliver it to the provided address or simply safely disposed of by us. We strive to make our customers’ lives more convenient each day.

Do you haul away my old junk?
We haul away anything intact, from your random old junk to donating those things you have been keeping for way too long. Many of our customers require our services to haul away the junk on their property from homeowners to business owners. It doesn’t matter if it’s one box to a room full of junk that needs to be cleared and removed. Our high spirited energetic team is eager for the job. No challenge that we faced has overwhelmed us, each time we do the job and our customers are happy.