Choose Barrie Junk Removal pros as your best mattress disposal specialists when you need to dispose of an old mattress. Your old mattress will be picked up and hauled away by your neighbourhood junk removal experts for eco-friendly disposal nearby. Mattress removal is more complex than it appears to be. Mattresses are not only bulky and challenging to move on your own, but they also cannot be dumped in the trash or left on the curb. With Barrie Junk Removal Pros, sit up and relax while we take care of the unneeded mattress. 

 Relax which the best mattress disposal team is a work

As local mattress removal experts in Barrie, Ontario, we offer easy and affordable mattress removal services near you. Allow us to do all the heavy lifting and hauling of your old mattress or box springs, so you don’t have to. A smart mattress removal service is close by.

How to dispose of a mattress?

Whether you want to recycle an old mattress or simply get rid of it, the most convenient option is to have it removed for environmentally friendly disposal. Barrie Junk Removal Pros is your convenient mattress disposal solution with expert junk removal teams in Barrie, Ontario. Call or text us for quick mattress removal.

Can I donate my used mattress?

As an eco-friendly removal company, we try our best to give mattresses another chance and frequently give used mattresses and other things in good condition to regional and national charities. It mostly depends on the charity’s needs as well as the local rules and regulations.

Can I sell a used mattress?

If recycling or donating are not options for you and your mattress is in good shape, consider selling it. You never know who in your network might require and be interested in purchasing a used mattress from you, even if you don’t make a lot of money.

You can use websites like Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, or Kijiji to sell your used mattress. Just add your mattress’ image and cost to one of these websites. 

How to recycle a mattress?

Mattresses and box springs are kept out of the landfill and are recycled by the City of Barrie Landfill. Residents must pay $20 each to dispose of mattresses and box springs at the Barrie Landfill. 


Your old mattress or box spring will be broken apart to save the basic components it contains, including metal, wood, cotton, felt, polyurethane, and fabric. Companies get these materials to give them a second life. The thermal isolation used in vehicles, mulch, and carpet underpads may also be made from an old mattress. Given that many landfills in the province and the nation have reached or are on the verge of doing so, this project serves to meet a critical need.